My Dissertation

"The Relationship Between Self-Efficacy and Initiation of Cyber Ethics Dialogue of Parents, Teachers, and Mental Health Professionals"



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The above title, topic, and methodology has been approved by Capella University.  I am interested in determining if adults, specifically parents, teachers, and mental health professionals are discussing with their children, students, or clients the phenomenon of cyberbullying. What little research has been done, has indicated that each of the groups feels someone other than themselves, is responsible for teaching youth, healthy and positive netiquette. And, when something goes wrong, each group blames the other.

My plan is to get enough participants from Minnesota to complete my dissertation. If not, I can quickly expand to the Midwest region. I should begin collecting data in September of 2017 and graduate in June of 2018.

Prior to beginning research, I had to submit  and receive University approval of a "Dissertation Research Plan". Here is a link Research Plan Pgs. 1-2 for the first two pages of a 24 page document.   If you would like to see the entire document, please contact me and I am happy to share it.

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